BBX Perth is delighted to invite you to join us for our monthly trading event. Winning Wednesdays are brought to you by BBX in partnership with Bx Networking, a long time BBX member.

This is the only event in WA where the focus is to bring you cash business directly. We will be focusing on creating strong referral partnerships and joint ventures which do not necessarily fall under BBX.

There will be presentations and training about BBX and recruitment is most welcome, but this is an event to provide value for all members as well as invite guests in a non-salesy environment.

We have a robust and proven referral system where anyone can ask for a referral and it is about inclusivity rather than exclusivity. Build joint ventures, find end clients and customers. Build your network of suppliers.

Win on Wednesday with a beautiful BBX lunch regardless of your BBX membership status.

Lunchtime on Wednesday 2 August 2023 12-1:30pm at Zoie Cafe.