Neutral Corner Fight Promotions Presents a Blockbuster of a night of fights.
Back at the Bankstown Paceway its a HuGe Card ,Jason Fawcett Vs Anton Markovic NSW Title.
Ben Campbell Vs Alex Lual over 6 fight of the night.Tyson Turner Vs Queenslander Leo Grant,also from Qld Ryan Lamont takes on Bondi Boxer Steve Rados.
Tasmanian Tyler Blizzard clashes with African Nestor Bolum over 6 in another fight of the night.Bree Harrison yet to be matched,Plenty of Heavyweight action,a REMATCH between Jayden Ralph & Jana Jegathesan and more 4 rounders DONT MISS THIS ONE.

BBX is a proud sponsor of Neutral Corners Fight Promotions. the event will be held on Saturday, 25th March 2023. We are inviting our valued BBX members to join us! This event is exclusively for BBX top traders only as seats are very limited. If interested in attending the event, kindly call BBX head office.
Doors open at 5 pm, and the fight starts at 6 pm.