Complete Health Probiotics For Cats - 250g x 2 - 500 serves


Complete Health Probiotics For Cats - 250g x 2 - (up to 500 serves) Best Natural Multifunctional Probiotic Supplement For EVERY Cat - Benefits Every Stage of Life! Holistically created to assist your Pet to achieve a high level of Inner Health = Outer Vitality No Wheat – No Corn – No Soy – No GMO’s – No Fillers - No Dairy – No Artificial Flavours – No Artificial Colours – No Preservatives – No Chemicals – No Steroids – Nil Withholding Periods VET STANDARD - 20 Plus Years in the Marketplace Our holistically designed probiotic is different than most. It is a unique natural synergistic blend of 100% pure high-grade heat-treated probiotic yeast cells, digestive enzymes, nutrient rich blended and balanced edible micro-organisms, free amino acids, biological active peptides, protein, complete B vitamins, minerals, 18 amino acids, high quality fibre, immune polysaccharides, short-chain oligosaccharides, and mycotoxin binders. Brought together, these ingredients form one of the most powerful natural, nontoxic, multifunctional digestive supplements on the market. These were not only designed to assist animals achieve optimum health in their gut but throughout every system of the body including the following: * Restores intestinal balance by promoting the growth of good bacteria and a healthy immune system * Smooths and sooths the gut lining * Helps Intestinal issues of diarrhea, constipation, gas and flatulence * Improves stool quality * Rebuilds a healthy immune system * Aids digestion and absorption of crucial nutrients * Repels fleas and keeps skin and coat healthy * Assists lactating animals produce more milk * Aids the body’s ability to heal * Helps reduce bad breath * Reduces stool and urine smell * Helps minimise lawn burn * Assists the body to prepare for surgery * Assists the body to recover and post antibiotic use * Boosts energy * Bones, cuts abrasions and strains repair quicker * Helps fight disease and inflammation * Assist in the relief of allergies, skin irritations, ear infections and digestive problems * Prevents the growth of pathogens E.coli, Salmonella, and Aeromonas spp * Increases the resistance to infectious diseases by direct antagonism or stimulating immunity * Calms animals in times of stress, illness or injury, during training, and transportation * Aids mobility and longevity * Reduces vet bills * Less feed uptake * Overall a happier pet Would you like your pets to consume? * Less food... * Look and feel healthier more often. * Require less veterinary attention. * Not kill the lawn with their urine. All these can be achieved by ensuring inner health. NOTE: Every species of animals can benefit from this product, whether you have a dog, cat, mouse, horse, alpaca, chicken, bird, rabbit, reptile, fish, goat, or any other animal not listed here, this supplement can assist. If you require greater immunity to illness, or simply a more content pet then this supplement could be your solution. All these can be achieved by ensuring inner health. Approximate dosage rates may be applied. This product does not contain chemicals or antibiotics and has nil withholding periods. DOSAGE RATES – (SCOOP INCLUDED) DOSAGES - PETS – 4G SCOOP Cat Regular Breeds = ½ Scoop = 2g – Cat Larger Breeds = 1 Scoop = 4g Dog Breeds (all) = Under 15kg = 1 Scoop = 4g – 16 to 30kg = 2 Scoops = 8g Dog Breeds Over 30kg = 3 Scoops = 12g Bird Breeds (all) Including – Chickens – Waterfowl – Ducks – Turkeys = ¼ Scoop = 1g Small Animals (all) Including - Rabbits – Guinea Pigs – Hamsters – Mice – Rats = ¼ Scoop = 1g Reptiles and Amphibians (all) = ¼ Scoop = 1g Farm Animals (all) Large Including – Cows –– Alpacas – Camels = 4 Scoops = 16g Farm Animals (All) including – Sheep – Goats – Pigs = 2 Scoops = 8g Horses = 4 Scoops = 16g – Ponies = 2 Scoops = 8g EXTRA INFORMATION ON DOSAGES Senior = Double Dosage Sick / Stressed / Injured / Pre & Post Op = Triple Dosage Monitor and adjust dosages to pets individual needs NOTE: Due to the digestive response from this product weight gain is usually experienced in all animals. If weight gain is not desired, it is important to weigh and adjust their feed intake accordingly. EXTRA INFORMATION WHY DOES OUR SUPPLEMENT WORK SO WELL? Our supplements work because they are made from a unique natural blend of heat-treated probiotic and yeast cells, feed enzymes and oligosaccharides. Each ingredient has been included for a specific purpose which results in a synergistic effect on the entire digestive tract from the mouth to the colon. Using the highest quality ingredients is a characteristic of this range and helps this product be extremely effective. When considering a supplement consider the complexity of these ingredients. This is why we call our supplement multifunctional. This multifunctional probiotic supplement aids in the digestion, and the optimal health and wellbeing of all pets. If you require more performance, greater immunity to illness or simply a more content animal then this supplement could be your solution. All these things can be achieved by ensuring inner health. WHY USE A SUPPLEMENT? The administering of health supplements to both humans and livestock is practiced worldwide. Unfortunately, not as much emphasis has ever been placed on the supplementary needs of domestic pets. Did you know that a lot of what you feed your animal is excreted in their stool or urine? What you don't consider is the wasted nutrients that are excreted and whether there is a better way. If the animal's system could absorb all the nutrients would that mean they would be healthier and require less food? Would their excretions smell less? Well, simply YES!! This product was designed with that philosophy in mind. Create INNER HEALTH which will result in OUTER HEALTH. Poor health leads to illness, some easy signs you can detect is skin and coat condition, smell from stool and ammonia from urine. Our range will assist your animals to achieve a high level of inner health. IMPORTANCE OF BACTERIA Promoting beneficial bacteria in the animal’s digestive tract is imperative for optimum health, performance, and wellbeing. The function of beneficial bacteria and the benefits of using supplements are extremely vast. Beneficial bacteria fights pathogenic bacteria that causes illness. Also, bacteria provide the mechanism to distribute nutrients from food to the parts of the animal’s body that require it. Without supporting the beneficial bacteria within your animal, it will always be prone to sickness and bad performance. Supporting the beneficial bacteria can lead to continual health and, in turn, result in less veterinarian expense in the long term. REVIEW Hi Anna, wanted to let you know how the product was going with my puppies. After being told about you and this product by a friend I am now totally convinced it is the best on the market. I spent hundreds of dollars on protexin that was not working. My puppies were not eating as they should so they were not growing as they should be wormed as necessary was making the situation worse, I started them on 1 teaspoon each and within 24 hours they were 100% improvement in their appetite and energy levels. My friends’ pup was worse was given a c5 instead of a C3 at 6 weeks and was fading quickly the product worked so well she is now a beautiful 5 YR old happy and healthy all thanks to your wonderful product. Thanks Anna I definitely won't stop using it and will have all my puppies on a maintenance dose from now on. Thank you very much. Tracey PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in becoming a stockist of our great products please call me directly, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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